because websites never sleep

Imagine having a "perfect employee" that works 168 hours a week.

This person knows your organization backwards and forwards and works for less than what you would normally pay a worker in two or three week's time.

Now imagine that employee being available to your clients with the click of a mouse.

Establishing an online presence enables your company to be in millions of homes at once. Even though website design may seem complicated, KLP can help.

Our team will listen to your ideas, dreams and goals and guide you through the implementation of your website. We have website solutions for budget-minded businesses and organizations.

We also offer custom-designed websites for larger businesses that need specific database applications or content management solutions. We can even maintain and market your website. We're here to help!

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KLP offers a wide variety of website design solutions. We can build anything from a simple "splash page" to a database-driven website with hundreds of pages and records.  We can make your website come alive!

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Videos will help spice up your website and add a nice flavor to help you get your message out. KLP offers website video services for those seeking an edge in their online marketing.

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Looking to sell items or services through your website?  No problem!  No matter if you sell one item or 10,000, we can build you a robust ecommerce site that works for your business.

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